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Types Of Strength Prohormones for Sale

A prohormone is a dedicated precursor of a hormone. Prohormones for strength undergo various changes once absorbed into the body to the active compound. In the bodybuilding and athletic performance industry, pro hormones are those synthetic compounds that convert to active anabolic androgenic steroids once they are absorbed. Without this translational modification, they are inactive. In short, a pro hormone is an inactivated anabolic steroid.

The manufacture of power prohormones was driven by the stringent laws that were put in place so as to control the manufacture, sell, purchase, possession and use of anabolic androgenic steroids. Prohormones for sale despite being watered down a bit possess the same properties as their target steroids. They are legal in most countries. Despite this, there is a bid by most countries, as they have caught on, to pass laws that control their use.

Once prohormones have been activated in the body, they cause an increase in the synthesis of proteins the same way that anabolic androgenic steroids do. This is done by creating a positive Nitrogen balance in the body. The result is massive growth that is evidenced by increased lean muscle size, muscle strength, ligament and tendon strength with above average levels of endurance and stamina. This is all very enticing for bodybuilders and athletes.

One of the best strength prohormone stacks is Epistane. It is the ideal pro hormone for beginners as it is mild and safer. It is used during a bulking cycle and is available for oral administration. It is also credited with causing no water retention and the weight gained during its use can be completely attributed to increased muscle mass. The usual dosage is 1 to 2 capsules a day with a cycle lasting up to 6 weeks. Post cycle therapy after an Epistane bulking cycle involves the use of Clomidex.

Beginners can also buy prohormones such as Halodrol for their first cutting cycles. Halodrol is also a mild pro hormone with minimal side effects. It has the added benefit of reducing the soreness associated with muscles after high intensity anaerobic exercises. This can be attributed to the fact that it increases the oxygen carrying capacity and delivery of blood to muscles.

Trenavar is one of the prohormones for sale that is targeted at intermediate prohormone users. This is a precursor of the very effective and potent anabolic androgenic steroid, Trenbolone. Trenavar is versatile as it can be used for either a bulking or cutting cycle. There is no associated water retention but great muscle bulk and fat loss. It not only increases your body's ability to absorb proteins, but also increases the vascularity of muscles. It is also possible to stack it with Epistane to create even more massive gains.

Advanced users can use Megatran which contains a stack of Trenavar and Ultradrol. This is however associated with greater side effects and therefore should be restricted to experienced users.

The use of pro hormones is much safer and cheaper than that of anabolic androgenic steroids. However, for all the above prohormones, a PCT of Clomidex is advised.

4 Ways Gerald Butler Got RIPPED For 300

When 300 first emerged on the scene, Butler probably got more looks from us straight guys than from our girlfriends. Talk about serious body envy. While it was no secret that Butler had one of the best film-ready bodies in the history of on-screen physiques, there was a battle going on in the fitness world. Everyone had a theory on how Butler got so ripped for 300, from strength stacks to basic diet changes, here are 4 of those theories that seem the most plausible.

Rumor Says He Took a Strength Stack.

Clearly A LOT of work went into getting the body that set the fitness forums on fire. Some professional body builders claimed that it was clear that a strength stack was at play here. Others said that it was plain, good old fashioned work. However, those same guys were not as ripped as Butler was. We are apt to believe the bodybuilding community here when they said that he must have used the best prohormone strength stack on the market to achieve that killer form.

He Began Cutting.

Gerald changed his diet drastically for the his role in 300. Trainers around the world even spent a lot of time posting before and after shots of regular guys who did not change their workout regimen, but instead kept up their old go-tos and, then began cutting body fat. The results were unreal and it made us believe that this theory of how that 300 bod was achieved was entirely possible.

He Was Repping to Failure and Lifting Heavy.

Butler didn’t have long to prepare for his role and this leads us to believe that he was likely repping to failure, lifting HEAVY. This method provides lifters with quicker results and allows them to work harder… and less at the same time. Lifting your heaviest possible weight limit a few times as opposed to comfortable weights countless times can make all the difference in seeing better gains. In fact, if you aren’t upping your weights regularly. You have probably already plateaued.

He Stayed Focused.

Us regular guys do not have a feature film to motivate us. Some say maybe that was all it took for Butler… after all, clearly having millions of people staying at your midsection would make you want to go harder at the gym. We may never be the guy on the big screen, but we can find a reason to stay focused. For some of us that may mean planning a special night out to work towards or a goal to obtain to keep our eyes on the prize.

Whether it was a strength stack or just a lot of damn hard work, Butler gave us all something to aspire to. While clearly blessed with genetics and muscle gaining capabilities, Butler is proof that we can put the beer gut away with dedication and hard work.

Eating Strategies For Making The Most Of Your Bulking Stack

A lot of bodybuilders have all the wrong ideas about bulking stacks and other strength prohormone stack products like These are not magical pills that are guaranteed to move you closer to your goals in and of themselves. You have to do the necessary work for ensuring that you’re packing on lean muscle and limiting your actual fat gains. You also have to make every effort to limit the amount of additional stress that your chosen bulking stack is placing on your body. Here’s how.

Target Inflammation Fighting Foods

One common misconception about bulking stacks is that a truly well-formulated product will place little to no additional stress on the organs and organ systems or on the body overall. Even the very best prohormone bulking stack is virtually guaranteed to place additional strain on the liver, the heart and your joints among other things. Although it’s important to invest in top-tier bulking stacks, you also want to use your diet as a means for limiting side effects and for ensuring optimal comfort and health all throughout your cycle.

The best way to do this is to load up on inflammation fighting foods. These include ginger, garlic, turmeric and fresh fruits and vegetables, especially cruciferous vegetables. The more that you eat of these things, the better you will invariably feel. This is also excellent incentive for avoiding foods that cause inflammation. If you load up on hamburgers, french fries and any other fast foods that you crave, you can expect to experience joint socket dryness, joint pain, higher blood pressure and greater all-around discomfort, especially near the end of your cycle. Load up on stir-fry, fresh produce and high-quality, whole grains such as brown rice and quinoa. Eat plenty of fish, lean poultry, nuts and beans for protein and limit your intake of pork and fatty red meats.

Stay Hydrated

An effective and easy strategy for combating joint socket dryness and overall joint pain is staying dehydrated. Never let yourself get thirsty. If you experience thirst, then your body is already deprived. Keep a large bottle of water with you at all times and try to sip at as often as you possibly can. This is a far more effective hydration strategy than trying to gulp down large quantities of water in a single setting.

You also have to work hard to maintain your electrolyte balance. Be mindful of the fact that sports drinks are going to have way more sodium and sugar than you need. The absolute best fluid for staying hydrated without offsetting your electrolyte balance is coconut water. Have a glass or two of coconut water each day, but avoid drinking too much. This beverage is incredibly rich in potassium and thus, over-indulgence can cause serious health problems.

Understanding The Use Of Prohormones

Prohormones are substances that get converted into active hormonal compounds upon ingestion. Generally, they transform into anti-catabolic and active anabolic hormones which work to boost muscle mass and strength while reducing body fat. Due to the various advantages of these compounds, they have become increasingly popular among athletes and bodybuilders seeking to enhance their performance.

How do Prohormones Work?

To understand how these substances work, you can consider the natural synthesis of hormones in the body. This is a process that takes a while. This is mainly because the body has to produce and accumulate enough hormones for immediate use and for storage as well. Prohormones work to speed up this process.

By activating the necessary precursors, the supplements facilitate rapid production of hormones. This ensures that they’re available for various functions whenever they’re required. The process usually involves other metabolic functions, and is utilized on demand by the nervous system.

The supplements are available in many forms. The most commonly available include pills, tablets, capsules and injectable liquids. Whilst the first 3 tend to be widely popular, the liquids are generally regarded to carry a higher risk exposure.


Just as there are many different supplements, there are also numerous of manufacturers behind the various brands. While most of them state that their drug is irrefutably safe, caution must be exercised. Excessive consumption of any supplement is bound to bring a host of side effects.

Prohormones are meant for use by male adults; females and people under the age of 18 are thus excluded from using the supplements. For younger males, the substances could interfere with their developing hormonal systems. Additionally, the androgenic nature of the supplements means they aren’t compatible with the female hormonal structure. If used by women, the substances could trigger a handful of side effects.

Prohormone Cycles

To avoid suppressing the body’s natural balance, prohormones need to be used in short cycles. Generally, the ideal cycle measures between 4-12 weeks. After completion, post-cycle therapy needs to be followed to normalize the pre-existing balance and curb side effects. This therapy usually comprises of a liver restoring formula, natural testosterone booster and anti-estrogen compound.

Before purchasing the supplements, be sure to choose the ones that match your fitness goals. While some prohormone stacks for strength are designed for increasing bulk, others are meant to boost strength and lean muscle. And if you participate in competitive events, remember to check whether the substances are allowed by the regulator.

It would also be wise to see a doctor prior to taking any supplement. Additionally, one needs to observe the recommended dosage throughout their supplementation regimen. And while shopping for strength prohormones, ensure that the product you’re considering is licensed by the relevant regulators.

Top Prohormone Stack For Strength

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