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1200 Roof Vent Odor Control Valve


Specifications & Sizing Inquires

Wager is happy to help you to determine what odor control valve and system is right choice for your situation.  See our new Media Consumption Calculator and  graphs. 

Wager’s 1200 Odor Control Roof Vent is designed for rooftop ventilation as a means to equalize the pressure required to keep steady flows of wastewater in toilets and sinks. Odor may become a problem when the resulting H2S gas from a septic system flows to ground levels by means of wind currents or temperature inversions.

Our 1200 model is molded from UV resistant reinforced nylon for protection from harsh environments. A slip-on sleeve allows for easy installation. Vent holes inside the unit provide a 1:1 open area of airflow. Cover vent holes are designed to restrict insects from nesting in the unit.

Each unit contains a canister with 5 lbs. of our odor scrubbing media. A groove lock top makes canister replacement quick and easy. Media and canisters are all non-toxic and landfill disposable.

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