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Air Check Valve

Wager Air Check Valve

The Wager Air Valve meets the requirements of USN and USCG on air scavenger lines to soot blower steam piping on water-tube boilers. This Automatic Spring Check Valve is 31/2 inches long by 11/4 inch diameter, is of simple but rugged design of only five pieces, consisting of a Stainless Steel Body and Cover fully enclosing the Stainless Steel valve-stem and Inconel spring. It can be installed in either vertical or horizontal position, and has 3/8” IPS threads at both male and female ends. Due to the non-corrosive feature of the valve, it may also be used on gas, water, oil or corrosive liquid flow where positive shutoff is required. The valve is designed to withstand pressures up to 2000 psi hydrostatic.

Made in the USA
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