2050-1400-IP Odor Control System

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The 2050-1400-IP is a combined odor control vent valve, with the additional feature of Wager’s highly effective vertical vent

check valve. This system is designed specifically in areas where lift stations or gravity lines are subject to flooding.

The 2050-1400-IP is constructed from aluminum, and is epoxy coated grass green so that it fits nicely into the surrounding environment. It has louvered vents to allow for maximum air flow of deodorized air. H2S gas is directed thru twenty eight canisters containing 50 lbs (23kg, 1.5 cu.ft) of odor controlling media. The media is an engineered product, designed to chemically absorb the H2S gas and change it to a non-toxic compound.


Our custom Power-4 permanganate is also included as a polisher. A mist eliminator pad is incorporated into the unit to prevent exiting moisture from damaging the media bed.


During a flood event, our disc style float located just outside of the media chamber will rise to a buna seat, preventing water and debris from entering the inside of the system and destroying the media.

The 2050-1400-IP is equipped with three inflow preventers. This picture was taken to illustrate what is behind each cover. 


 On the left is Wager's unique disc style float with guide rod .  The center Inflow preventer shows the protective mesh that protects the float from debris. On the right a cover is then added over the protective mesh. Each Inflow preventer includes all of these components.

Inflow Preventer Floats.jpg
1400 draw.jpg

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