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Bowmonk Trailer Check

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The Bowmonk TrailerCheck replicates the role of a truck, providing power to a trailer’s electrical systems, making it an ideal choice when no tractor unit is available. Once connected and switched on, using the toggle switches, the TrailerCheck unit can turn each trailer light on or off as required.

Circuits tested include the indicators, side and number plate lights, side repeater lights, fog, reverse and brake lights.

Also included is a single-man auto light test facility, which gives the technician enough time to walk to the rear of the trailer before the lights are automatically illuminated one at a time and in a preset order to identify any bulb failures.  Lights are illuminated for approximately 10 seconds each to allow time to check each light, and the entire automated light test takes around 1 minute to complete.

The included ISO 7638 lead allows the trailer’s ABS circuitry to be activated and checked for continuity. Should there be a fault within the ABS system the ABS warning light on the TrailerCheck fascia panel will come on. At this point the SensorCheck would be used to identify any sensor related faults. Activity on the CAN high and low lines can also be checked.

Power is provided to the trailer via either the 24S / 24N or ISO 7638 sockets, with all necessary electrical leads supplied with the kit.

The TrailerCheck can be charged from the mains (cable supplied) in under two hours. 

TrailerCheck 12V

A 12V (automotive) version of TrailerCheck is also available, for testing the lighting circuits of 12V trailers.  TrailerCheck 12V has a similar feature set to TrailerCheck, but also displays the internal battery voltage. 

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