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Bowmonk 2000-R

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The Bowmonk 2000-R is our next generation electronic brake meter, featuring a built-in printer, keyboard, GPS receiver, and coming soon built-in Wi-Fi for automatic uploading of brake test results.  Significant processing power and on-board storage enables the Bowmonk 2000-R to be customised for various applications.  The Bowmonk 2000-R also supports an optional pedal force transducer to measure the force applied to the vehicle's footbrake during braking.  Using the pedal force transducer will also identify any "braking delay" - the time between depressing the brake pedal and the brakes being applied.

The Bowmonk 2000-R is an extremely versatile instrument designed for brake and skid testing, road traffic accident investigation and reconstruction and vehicle safety inspections.  The portable unit is easy to use and produces hard copy evidence of the test results using the built-in printer.  All results are time date stamped and additionally the vehicle and examiner identification can be included - having been entered using the built-in keyboard.

For brake testing applications, the unit will also calculate from the deceleration, time and slope, the vehicle speed at braking and distance travelled.  For heavy vehicle brake testing in mines and quarries, the unit measures brake effort, which takes into account the vehicle speed and ground slope.

The Bowmonk 2000-R can also measure acceleration, and stores results as csv files which can easily be downloaded to a PC via USB.  

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