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2050-900 Odor Control System


Specifications & Sizing Inquires

Wager is happy to help you to determine what odor control valve and system is right choice for your situation.  See our new Media Consumption Calculator and  graphs. 

The 2050-900 Odor Control Valve is designed to allow for ventilation and odor control at lift stations, wet wells,vaults containing ARV’s and forced mains flowing into gravity fed lines. The valve is constructed from aluminum, and is epoxy coated for protection from the harsh outside environment.

Each unit contains (18) canisters with a total of approximately 900lbs (400 kg- 27 cu.ft) of media to allow for odor scrubbing where concentrations of H2S gas and accompanying CFM are both very high. Four (4) mist eliminator pads are incorporated into the unit in order to prevent moisture from entering into the media bed.

The 2050-900 includes eight (8) vacuum relief valves, each capable of 300 cfm of airflow. These VRV’s assure that
vacuum pressure will not occur during pumping sequences on vacuum sewer systems that require additional airflow to operate. Airflow will still pass through the media bed. These vacuum relief valves simply provide additional air, but do not bypass the media bed. 

It is available with a 4”, 6”, 8 or 10” outlet. Optional metric flanges are available.

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