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Sewer 2000 Vertical Vent Check Valve 


The Sewer 2000 Vertical Vent Check Valve is a dual-action float design. The top portion of the valve allows for ventilation in the open position, and prevents inflow of water during floods.

The bottom ball float blocks the out flow of water should the sewer line reach capacity. This is especially important in areas where sewer out-fall lines run next to rivers and streams. The overflow of sewer collection lines in these areas would be devastating to the quality of the water and surrounding land.

The 2000 Series valve is manufactured of 3/16 cold rolled carbon steel or aluminum plates. It consists of three main parts: an outer body, an inner body, and a cover. The dual floats are made from high density polyethelyne. These seat to neoprene gasket material, and assure a positve seal in both directions. The valve body is powder coated epoxy that is highly resistant to sewer acids and gases.


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This animation illustrates the airlow into the unit (blue arrows) and the outflow of sewer gases (green arrows). In a flood situation the top ball float will rise and check preventing water or debris from entering sewer lines, while allowing sewer gases to escape.

In the event of an overflow of sewage, the bottom ball float will rise and check blocking the sewage from exiting the valve and into the environment.

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