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Sewer 2100 Mushroom Check Valve 

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The 2100 Mushroom Check Valve mounts vertically with a 2" female thread connection. The body is molded from UV resistant reinforced nylon. The valve has a 1:1 ratio open area allowing for venting in the open position. A polyethylene float rises to a neoprene gasket to prevent inflow of water in flood conditions. Easily retrofitted.

The 2100 is typically used to ventilate grinder pump wet wells. This animation illustrates how the 2100 series mounted above ground,allows for ventilation in the open position (green arrows).

In the event of a flood situation, the ball float will rise and check preventing any water and debris from entering and damaging the grinder pump.

When the flood waters recede, the ball float returns back to it's orginal position and allows for ventilation once again.


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