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Sensor Heads

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The partial flow sensor head is constructed out of light weight anodized aluminum. It comes with a straight and curved nozzle for easy placement on varied stack configurations. Our unique design allows for the passage of the smoke plume past the optics, without the need for a fan.

  • Light Weight

  • Not affected by ambient light

  • Reliable readings even in adverse weather conditions


The partial flow head allows for quick and easy placement of the sensor on the stack. The bayonet style nozzle slips into the stack, reducing the possibility for any wind distortion while testing. A clamping style nozzle is also available for quick and easy placement.

Clamping Style Nozzle

The full flow head is an end of line sensor. The light source and receiving unit measure opacity directly across the diameter of the exhaust stack. The optics are protected from the smoke plume by a set of baffles. The head is attached to the stack with a universal band clamp and a set of magnet clamps which hold the sensor head in place.

Full flow heads are less susceptible to heat build-up and pressure created by the exhaust during testing.

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