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Boiler Accessories

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The Wager Inspection Light and Viewport are designed to be used in conjunction with one another so that one may observe any fuel line leaks between inner and outer casings of water tube boilers or may see any leaks at hand hole plates on steam headers. The Wager explosion-proof and dust proof Inspection Lights consist of an explosion resistant globe which is inserted into the outside boiler casing. The globe is attached to the inner side of the boiler casing and to the aluminum cover, which is secured to the outside casing. As the lamp socket and the wiring are attached to the cover, they can be checked or changed from the outside without interference with the operation of the burners or boiler or lowering of air pressure in the double casing.

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The Wager explosion-resistant and dust-proof Viewports consist of a PYREX plate glass mounted to an aluminum frame and attached to the outer boiler casing. These Viewports may be used alone or in conjunction with the Wager Boiler Inspection Light. The Boiler Inspection Light and the Viewport have both been approved for installation aboard USN and USCG vessels for Oil Drip Detection on boilers.

*PYREX ® is a trademark of the Corning Glass Works

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