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Sewer 1700 Inverted Vent Check Valve 


Cast in either 356-T6 aluminum alloy, or stainless steel, the 1700 Series allows for ventilation while in the open position. Our patented float design automatically seals off the vent pipe to prevent inflow of water into the lines. A stainless steel insect screen and flame screen keep debris from entering the vent pipe. All hardware is 316 stainless steel, and the valve body is powder coated with a special epoxy that is highly resistant to sewer gases and acids.

• Restricts inflow
• Allows for ventilation
• Reduces the need for high risers
• Minimizes piping requirements
• Easy to install or retrofit

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This animation illustrates how the 1700 series allows for ventilation in the open position (green arrows). In the event of a flood situation, the ball float will rise and check preventing any water and debris from entering the lines.

When the flood waters recede, the ball float returns back to it's orginal position and allows for ventilation once again.


Do you need piping for your valve purchases? Wager has a broad inventory of industrial pipe fittings for both marine and wastewater industries.


Fittings include butt weld, threaded and flanged. Materials are hot dip galvanized steel, aluminum or 304-316 stainless steel.

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