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Custom Applications

Wager specializes in custom applications for opacity testing. We currently have several unique applications for our opacity meters in use.  Here are just a few interesting selections:

• A prominent automobile company is using our 6500 meter to monitor engine coolant.

• A large company that produces kitty litter is using the 6500 meter in R & D to monitor residual dust, and improve their product.

• A jet engine manufacturer is using an in-line 6500 meter to monitor opacity in jet engine transmission fluid emissions.

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Environmental Monitoring Station

This is a portable custom standing frame, made from light weight aluminum. It houses both light unit and receiving unit, and was designed for use in an open environment.  The stand is collapsible, so that it may be transported to any location for set up.


2" In-line Stack Piece

This stack piece is made from polished aluminum. All stack pieces are custom designed to fit any application. We offer materials in aluminum, steel and stainless steel.

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