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Bowmonk Brake Meter

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The Tapley meter is the most recognised international standard decelerometer, and as such is trusted by many leading government authorities around the world to set local brake testing standards.  Results of Tapley meter tests are accepted as evidence of braking efficiency in Courts of Law throughout the world.

For new customers we recommend that the Bowmonk Brakemeter / Dynometer is ordered instead, but for existing customers the Tapley Brake Test Meter is still available to order with a scale reading in either Metric or Imperial for stopping distance.  G force is always shown in %G.  The vehicle being tested must be driven at a speed of at least 15 mph (20 mph recommended).  

A choice of two mounting mechanisms is available - a floor block or a clamp.  All floor block mounting types are supplied with wooden boxes, while clamp mounting types are supplied with carry cases.  Please refer to the "Part Codes" tab above for the various Tapley Meter models.

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