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2050-50 Odor Control System

The 2050 odor control sewer valve is an elongated vertical design to accommodate a deodorizing feature that helps to suppress sewer gas odors. Perfect for residential or commercial locations where complaints regarding odor have become an issue.

The 2050 is constructed from aluminum, and is epoxy coated grass green so that it fits nicely into the surrounding environment. It has two large down spouts with welded screens to allow for maximum airflow of exiting deodorized air.


H2S gas is directed through a canister containing 50 lbs (23kg) of odor controlling media. The media is an engineered product, designed to chemically absorb the H2S gas and change it to a non-toxic compound.  A free lab analysis is available after one year of use. A mist eliminator is incorporated into the unit to prevent moisture from damaging the media bed. 


The 2050-50 Includes two (2) vacuum relief valves, each capable of 300 cfm of airflow. These VRV’s assure that vacuum pressure will not occur during pumping sequences on vacuum sewer systems that require additional airflow to operate. Airflow will still pass through the media bed. These vacuum relief valves simply provide additional air, but do not bypass the media bed.  

The 2050 has been successfully used on gravity lines, forced mains, and air release valves. It’s attractive appearance allows for installations in both residential and commercial sites. Every unit is equipped with tamper proof lockable latches

Wager 2050-50 new Lid

Our 2050 series now feature a new lid design with with large down spouts and integrated bug screens. 

2050-50 includes:

  • One (1) Canister with 50 lbs. of Wager Media

  • Two (2) Vacuum Relief Valves

  • One (1) Mist Eliminator pad

Specifications & Sizing Inquires

Wager is happy to help you to determine what odor control valve and system is right choice for your situation.  See our new Media Consumption Calculator and  graphs. 

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Wager 2050-50
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