Stack Check Emissions Monitor

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Wager, an industry leader in smoke opacity meters, proudly introduces it's new Stack Check Emissions Monitor. Designed to monitor exhaust readings on large stacks,this updated smoke indicator effectively uses surface mount electronics and micro-processing technology, to allow for accurate readings processed right at the stack!


You may use your existing stack penetrations, as well as dampers and aspirating flanges. If you want to keep the visual aspect of your older system, you may do so, and combine both systems.


The Stack Check is available for Military and Commercial use.

The Stack Check Emissions Monitor will also...

  • Span a distance of 20 feet standard- Larger distances upon request

  • Perform a self calibration

  • Diagnose system errors, and automatically switch to "Awaiting Calibration State"

  • Correct for ambient temperature and varying levels of ambient light

  • Allow for multiple retransmission outputs... using 4-20mA as its standard

  • Have an analog output and reset switch at the stack for diagnostic and alignment purposes

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