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Visual Smoke Indicators

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Visual smoke indicators have been in use for over 50 years. Their design is simple and effective. They are still part of our product line today.

Visual smoke indicators provide a visual check of smoke density in the uptake of a boiler.


Visual/Photoelectric Smoke Indicator System

 Visual/Photoelectric Smoke Indicators are designed to operate in a rugged marine boiler room environment for continuous periods of time, with a minimum amount of maintenance.

The system consists of a lamp unit, a reflection unit, and vision unit, which enables the operator below deck to check on the smoke emission from the stack.

The photoelectric smoke meter displays the smoke density on a scale graduated from 0 to 100% (accurate to ±2% of smoke opacity). The panel lights give a clear indication of the zone in which the meter is operating.

The VM5A-1 Version Passed the US Navy shock and vibration test

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