1500-MV Mud Vent Valve 

The 1500-MV Mud Valve is designed for tanks that carry liquid mud. Inside the mud chamber is a ball check that prevents the liquid mud from rising into the upper vertical vent check valve. The liquid mud is instead forced through a spring loaded door (instead of a burst disc) on the front of the valve. After the mud flow resides, the ball float returns to it’s original position allowing airflow to return through the upper chamber.

The 1500-MV is designed for ease of maintenance. To clean, simply remove the front cover assembly, clean, and replace. Manual closures are available on all sizes of the 1500 Series.







Wager’s Model 1500 Vertical Vent Check Valve works in collaboration with the 1500-MV Mud Valve. Our ABS approval requires our valves to be connected.

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